What Is Blockchain? How Does It Work?

Blockchain is a term that gets bandied about a lot lately. It has become the "hot" buzzword in numerous different industries including the financial industry, the tech industry, the government public sector, the healthcare industry, the legal industry and elsewhere.  But what does the term mean, exactly? Simply put, a blockchain refers to a distributed ledger that... Continue Reading →

Colorado Considering Blockchain Solution To State Data Storage And Sharing – But What Is Blockchain Anyway?

Greetings and happy Friday to everyone. More blockchain in the American news today, with Colorado considering the use of blockchain technology to improve data security for state records: https://www.coindesk.com/colorado-new-bill-encourages-state-to-adopt-blockchain-for-data-security With all this talk of blockchain and distributed ledgers,etc., several folks may be wondering "What is this blockchain stuff we keep hearing about?"  I will attempt to... Continue Reading →

Crack Down Gangnam Style!

Whether we are talking about prices, volatilities, regulations versus libertarianism, instant millionares or even dark criminal activities - topics surrounding cryptocurrencies are never boring.  Give it that, regardless of whether you're for or against it. And right now South Korea seems to be against it.  Traditionally a large source of cryptocurrency demand and trading (Bitcoins... Continue Reading →

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